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Saturday, April 20 2019

New Construction

Jupiter has been hard at work bringing you new construction and habitats. Introducing the Moonlight Townhomes:   .

Wednesday, March 27 2019

New Village under way!

Just beginning to lay out Crimson Village on the Moonlight Grid. It's nestled on the shores of Moonlight Cove. A quick close up of the building detail Just the basic structures are in place. Texturing, landscaping and the extra finishing touches will be completed by Jupiter Moon. Our resident  […]

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Tuesday, March 26 2019

Support Portal

Did quite a bit of work on the Support Portal. I have the ticketing system up and running, email configured, ssl certs in place so everything should be ready to go. Just a quick screenshot of the user's end of the portal. As we gain users and become busy (fingers crossed) it should help the support  […]

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Monday, March 25 2019

What a view!

A quick snapshot from the grid. A view from the Moonlight Landing boat dock showing the TLO bridge off in the distance..

The grid in general ...

The gris has grown considerably since we started back in Jan 2016. We are at 78 regions running across 4 servers, 2 Grid Servers, 1 Database Server and 1 Web Server. We have a few users registered but we are still a fledging grid. Hopefully along with the Discover Creo Mundos project our numbers  […]

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